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Dumb Luck

The Kentucky Derby was yesterday so I went to the local track. I decided before I left I was going to bet $20-25 on the race. I also knew which horses I would bet on Hold Me Back and Advice. I arrived at the track and about 25 minutes to the race I found an open betting machine and bet $8 on each horse and got a $4 voucher for the left over money I did not use.

The plan was to find a different race to use that for. I walked around for a while looking for a race to bet but the TVs were all crowded. Then the plan was just cash in my voucher but all the lines were too long. I saw an open betting machine and decided to place another bet on the derby. I placed the $4 on a long shot Mine That Bird to show and found a place to watch the race. The race started my horses where all towards the middle of the pace but once they made the turn for home I saw a horse charging from the rail. The horse ran passed everyone and won easily and then I realized it was one of my horse Mine That Bird.

The $4 bet turned into $51.60 so I took my $31.60 profit and went home.


My 2009 First Round NFL Mock Draft

1 Lions – Matt Stafford if you can sign him you get the franchise qb

2 Rams –  Jason Smith after letting Pace go they need to get a replacement

3 Chiefs – Aaron Curry they get a pass rusher they need since trading Allen

4 Seahawks – Mark Sanchez they get their future qb here

5 Browns – Michael Crabtree If they trade Edwards they is the pick

6 Bengals –  Eugene Monroe fills a need after losing Andrews

7 Raiders – Jeremy Maclin with Davis who knows 

8 Jaguars – B.J Raiji huge runner stopper here

9 Packers – Tyson Jackson good athleticism here

10 49ers – Michael Ober fills a need

11 Bills – Andre Smith after trading Peters this what they need now

12 Broncos – Malcolm Jenkins can play cb or some safety

13 Redskins – Everette Brown get a passer rusher here

14 Saints – Knowshon Moreno good value here 

15 Texans –  Sean Smith they need corner help

16 Chargers – Aaron Maybin a pass rusher since they lost Olshansky

17 Jets – Robert Ayers needs a pass rusher

18 Broncos – Brian Cushing need a lb moving to the 3-4

19 Bucs – Josh Freeman qb of the future

20 Lions – Alex Mack needs some to help protect Stafford

21 Eagles – Chris Wells fills need here

22 Vikings – Eben Britton need here

23 Patriots – Rey Maualuga they need to get younger at LB

24 Falcons – Peria Jerry will fill the gap at dt

25 Dolphins – Darius Butler fills a need a coner

26 Ravens – Hakeem Hicks if they don’t get Boldin fills a need

27  Colts – Evander Hood need

28 Bills – Bradon Pettigrew will help take attention off Evans and Owens

29  Giants – Darrius Heywood-Bey with Pex gone they need a wr

30 Titians – Victor Harris 

31 Cardinals – Donald Brown need some to pair with Hightower

32 Steelers – William Beatty to help sore up the oline


Thoughts after 2 games of Spurs/Mavs

The first game started out well for the spurs jumping out to a 13 point lead. Then the benches came in and the spurs got destroyed. I liked how Duncan looked good despite the loss.

The second game Parker and company jumped out early and never looked back. Parker lead the team in scoring with 38.

The series is tied going to Dallas I think game three could be key a spurs win get home court advantage back.


NBA Playoff picks and awards

I’ll start out east Cleveland vs Detroit the Cavs are just to much for the Pistions so Cavs in 5

Atlanta vs Miami I think Wade carries the Heat to the series win in 6

Orlando vs Philadelphia Magic in 6

Boston and Chicago even with out KG Boston in 5

 Like everyone I think Cleveland wins the east.


Los Angeles vs Utah Lakers in 5

Portland vs Houston even with the blazers youth I say they win it in 7

Denver vs New Orleans Denver in 6

San Antonio vs Dallas the spurs are my favorite team that being said I am a little worried about them because losing Manu and Tim not being 100%.  I think they still win this series in 7.

The west again I’m going with the easy pick the Lakers.

I think the Cavs in the championship in 7


MVP Wade

6th man Terry

Coach of the Year McMillan

Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard

 Most Improved Player Devin Harris

Rookie of the Year Rose


NBA Playoffs 2009 Tracker

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Podcampaz 2008

Last weekend was PodcampAZwhich was a great time.  I would like to thank everyone that put on the event.  The sessions were nice.  The best part thought was seeing all the people some I meet before and some I saw for the first time.  Sorry this was so short I’m not much of a writer.  Well until next time take care.